Kidskoje toy cart chassis


Toy cart chassis to be mounted underneath the Kidskoje.
Material: Multiplex birch plywood. Clear varnish or stained/varnished red. Secure the Kidskoje with straps, hooks and velcro. Strap colours: Burgundy or light grey. Hooks: Brushed aluminum. Non-slip storage for the Kidskoje on rubber treads. Handle at child’s height.
Tyres: Solid rubber.
Dimensions: BHL = 38 x 18 x 80 cm. Playing age: 1 1/2 to 6 years of age. Max load: 10 kg.
Weight of toy cart: 2.5 kg.

Without Kidskoje.
Available individually or as a set with Kidskoje. Please check the options at Kidskoje shop.

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